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I have some Deferrables, and I need to do something in callback when all of them are completed.

defers[0].callback do
    defers[1].callback do
        defers[2].callback do
            yield if block_given?

But this is very ugly and I have to know the exact number of necessary callbacks. How can I write it the cleaner way?

Like in jQuery, $.when allows passing of an array of $.Deferred objects, this would be awesome, can I do it in Ruby?

$.when(defers).done(function() {
    // do something

I can't use em-synchrony because of using incompatible libraries.


multi =
defers.each.with_index do |defer, i|
    multi.add(i, defer)
multi.callback do
    yield if block_given?
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If you are using em-http-request gem you can use EventMachine::MultiRequest.

If not, the implementation is easy em-http-request / lib / em-http / multi.rb so make your own.

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Thanks, It looks I can use MultiRequest directly as it doesn't contain any http-request related code, just handling callbacks. – zakjan Feb 12 '13 at 13:54

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