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I'm doing an app in android and I Have a problem with the soundpool class. I'm getting the AudioFlinger could not create track, status: -12 error. For what i know is a memory issue. But I don't know how to fix it. I'm using .OGG audio files with 44100 Hz 16 bit. The background music work fine. Here is my code. Any help will be nice! thank's.

public class MySound {

 private  SoundPool mSoundPool; 
 private  HashMap<Integer, Integer> mSoundPoolMap; 
 private  AudioManager  mAudioManager;
 private  Context mContext;
 private  ProgressDialog pd;
 private  int loadCount = 2;
 private  MediaPlayer song;

 public MySound()


 public void showProgressBar(Context theContext){
     pd = new ProgressDialog(theContext);
     pd.setMessage("Loading Sounds...");

 public void hideProgressBar() {

 public void initSounds(Context theContext) { 
      mContext = theContext;
      mSoundPool = new SoundPool(12, AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC, 0); 
      mSoundPoolMap = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>(); 
      mAudioManager = (AudioManager)    mContext.getSystemService(Context.AUDIO_SERVICE); 

 public void addSound(int Index,int SoundID)
     mSoundPoolMap.put(Index, mSoundPool.load(mContext, SoundID, 1));
     mSoundPool.setOnLoadCompleteListener(new SoundPool.OnLoadCompleteListener() {
            public void onLoadComplete(SoundPool soundPool, int mySoundId, int status) {
                if (loadCount == 0) {

 public void isLoaded(){

 public void playSound(int index, float volumeLeft, float volumeRight) { 

     mSoundPool.play(mSoundPoolMap.get(index), volumeLeft, volumeRight, 1, 0, 1f); 


 public void playLoopedSound(int index, float volumeLeft, float volumeRight) { 
     mSoundPool.play(mSoundPoolMap.get(index), volumeLeft, volumeRight, 1, -1, 1f); 

public void stop(int index) {

public void setVolume(int index, float volumeLeft, float volumeRight){
    mSoundPool.setVolume(index, volumeLeft, volumeRight);

public void backgroundMusic(Context context){
    song = MediaPlayer.create(context, R.raw.song1);

public void stopBackgroundMusic(){
    if (song.isPlaying()) {


public void pauseBackgroundMusic() {
    if (song.isPlaying())

public void pause(int i) {

public void resume(int i){

And the main class...

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


    sound1Btn = (ImageButton) findViewById(R.id.sound1);
    sound2Btn = (ImageButton) findViewById(R.id.sound2);



private void loadSounds() {
    mSoundManager = new MySound();




public void onClick(View v) {   
    switch (v.getId()) {
    case R.id.sound1:
        mSoundManager.playLoopedSound(1, 1, 1);

When i click to play the sound give me the error... I must say the log cat also show me before that... Coreographer - The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.

What i could be? what i'm doing wrong? Thank's.

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What are the filesizes of R.raw.sound1 and R.raw.sound2? I use the SoundPool with two channels, and ran into troubles when the size of one sample was bigger than (ca.) 600, 700 KB. –  paper1982 Mar 10 '13 at 11:42
thank's for your answer, unfortunately, the size of my files aren't bigger than 200 KB. So I still don't know what it could be. –  Fede Mar 11 '13 at 11:15
File sizes are not relevant since SoundPool decodes OGG and MP3 to "raw" audio data. So frame rate, bit depth and playback length are relevant. I'm also currently dealing with random sound issues and get that kind of error. It used to be very random and rare but now it happens more frequently since I doubled the amount of loaded Open GL ES textures for the game I'm currently working on. The error code "-12" usually means it cannot create another audio track. There is the system-wide limit of 32 at a time (including all other processes). But maybe that error also means "out of memory". –  Nobu Games Mar 11 '13 at 17:37
"But maybe that error also means "out of memory" - I think it does indicate that. Have you tried converting your ogg files to wav and load those wav files into the soundpool instead - how big are the wave files? –  paper1982 Mar 12 '13 at 10:32
Here would be a simple usage example: badlogicgames.com/wordpress/?p=228 - if you do want to use looping, you have to use MODE_STATIC afaik. –  paper1982 Mar 13 '13 at 11:13
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