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Giving the string below with "server type" separated by comma:

string serverTypeList = "DB, IIS, CMDB";

//server.Type in the loop below should have value of "MDB"

My problem is that in this scenario it will return TRUE because "MDB" string is inside the serverTypeList. I need it to return TRUE only if it matches a type of "MDB" and not "CMDB":


from site in SiteManager.Sites
from server in site.Servers
select new Server()
{ ID=server.ID, SiteName=site.Name }


How can I change the code above?

Thank you

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(", " + serverTypeList + ", ").Contains(", " + server.Type + ", ")

is one standard way to handle this. I'm not clear on the language you're using, so I don't know the exact syntax you would need, but the general idea is to ensure that the term appears between delimiters by forcing delimiters before and after the list string.

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Interesting....It kinda of worked! Thank you sir! –  Max Feb 5 '13 at 15:39

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