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I currently have a binary black and white image that I have used cvThreshold on, and I would like to get the color back on the white part of the image.

From my understanding multiplying the original image with the binary image will result in this effect. I am however unsure how to do that. I am using JavaCV. Ive attempted to:

IplImage img.mul(im2); 

And that hasn't really worked. How do I use the mul openCV function with JavaCV? Also if anyone has tips on generally converting opencv code to JavaCV I would be very grateful, the little there is on the JavaCV project page is barely enough to keep me afloat.

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The JavaCV API is pretty similar to the C API and there are loads of examples out there. –  karlphillip Feb 5 '13 at 13:31
This might help. –  karlphillip Feb 5 '13 at 13:40

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I have my own (maybe quite strange :)..) way to find functions working in JavaCV, but in many cases it works. There's OpenCV's wrapper for C# named emguCV , which have very similar functions to this in JavaCV. So if I want e.g find multiplying or adding function I write in google: cvMul emgu or something similar,and here is result of my searching:

Wiki emgu link 1

Wiki emgu link 2

So If you want to multiply 2 IplImages you could do something like that:

 IplImage Red=IplImage.create(zdj1.cvSize(),8,1); 
 IplImage Green=IplImage.create(zdj1.cvSize(),8,1);
 IplImage Result=IplImage.create(zdj1.cvSize(),8,1);
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