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I have a data set that contains monthly corp bond data over a time period and I have added on to it a spline interpolation of the risk free bond price curve going out 30 years ahead by month. I have a variable "next_int" which tells me in how many months the next coupon is due and how many months left til maturity, "mnts_mat".

I also have a coupon frequency variable, "cf". the spline bond prices are listed as var1, var2,...,var360. I want to sum over the spline bond prices in months in which a coupon payment would be made.

So for a bond with the next interest payment due in a month and maturing in 13 months with a biannual coupon frequency, I would like to create a variable y=var1+var7+var13. What I have written now is this:

data bond2 (DROP=i);
set bond1;
by issue_id date;
do i=next_int to mnts_mat by 12/cf;

This doesn't work. I have also experimented with creating a macro to that takes i as an argument and outputs vari, but that doesn't work either. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I don't quite understand the nature of the problem, but here's some pointers:

  • you need a semi-colon after "y=0"
  • it looks like you need to declare an array for var1-var360
  • once you've an array declared you can refer to something like var[i] (not var'i')


data bond2 (DROP=i);
  set bond1;
  by issue_id date;
  array vars var1-var360;
  do i=next_int to mnts_mat by 12/cf;
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Thanks! I was able to do it with array. – user2041459 Feb 5 '13 at 10:17

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