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structure definitions

So i'm asked to create a books (which is an ebook) properties with a title, author, size, and a symbol designating the ebook as a 'Kindle, 'Nook, 'Nexus? How would you put in a symbol and what exactly do they mean by it?

(define-struct book (ebook ))

(define-struct ebook (make-book title author size ??? ))
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It just means that you must use a symbol as the data type for the ebook's brand. For example:

(define-struct ebook (title author size brand))

(define my-book (make-ebook "Cryptonomicon" "Neal Stephenson" 2192 'Kindle))

In the above code, 'Kindle is a symbol denoting the brand of the ebook reader:

(ebook-brand my-book)
=> 'Kindle

(symbol? (ebook-brand my-book))
=> #t
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