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On load of the page, I would like to disable a button, that on click sets the home page of my browser to the homepage of interest, if I already have set the homepage to my site.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

At the moment I know how to make a button that sets my home page to, i.e. see script below, but basically I need two things:

  • how to check whether my home page is already set to
  • a script that disables the button');" value="Set this page as your Home Page!" />


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I don't believe it's possible. The DOM will not load or detect what homepage a user has set so there is no way to compare.

If someone clicks the button, you can easily disable it after that, or even set a cookie to read and compare on later visits. However, if the user sets their home page manually, there's no way to detect that.

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thanx. but how would I do this with cookies? – JohnAndrews Feb 5 '13 at 14:46
See here: So you set a cookie triggered by the click event of your button. And on page load, read the cookie. If it exists, disable the button. – DeweyOx Feb 5 '13 at 17:46

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