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    for file in "$1"
        if [ "$file" != "$1" ]; then
            return 0
    echo "return 1"
    return 1


if is_dir_empty "$file"; then
    echo "empty"
else echo "not empty"

it outputs

return 1
not empty

so is_dir_empty returned 1 but if condition evaluated to false somehow.... why?

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Because shell scripts follow the Unix convention of expecting utilities to return zero for success and non-zero for failure, so boolean conditions are inverted.

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Globs are not expanded in double quotes, so you're always comparing against the literal value /home/tmp/*.sh. Unquote $1 in the for loop, and it'll word split and glob expand into a list of .sh files (this online tool would have pointed this out automatically).

Also, unlike in C, zero is considered success and non-zero failure.

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you can check if a directory is empty by:

[ "$(ls -A /path/to/directory)" ] && echo "Not Empty" || echo "Empty"
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