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Currently I'am developing a game using cocos2d-x. Of course, for multi-platform use. basically I use a xcode for coding and development. I want to attach IAP(In app purchases) separately to each coding for iPhone and Android Problem to try to call a function of a certain class in Android that did not work.

Sources include the following:

cpp side

   JavaVM* jvm = JniHelper::getJavaVM();
   JNIEnv* env;

   jvm->GetEnv((void **) &env, JNI_VERSION_1_2);

   jclass cls;
   jmethodID method;

   cls = env->FindClass("com/joycestudios/game/SampleActivity");
   method = env->GetMethodID(cls, "initFunc", "()V");
   env->CallVoidMethod(cls, method); 

java side

public class SampleActivity extends Cocos2dxActivity
    public void initFunc()
        Log.v("LOG_INFO", "initFunc()");

The first test as follows: I'm in progress. build from xcode and build from build_natvie.sh and last build from eclipse. But after run on eclipse, Just black screen and shuts down.

How to call a function of a java class? What I looked at several samples, including also analyze the problem, I do not see any problems?

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Can you tell if you find any error log?

First check if your game is working fine on android..

Den we can have a look how to call the function.

Generally for calling native method I use MessageJni class available in Cocos2d-x library. I create my methods in MessageJni class which calls for native methods. Its easy and convenient way of calling native methods.

Just google using MessageJni class. It will ease your work.


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