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    la      k0, gen_exp_handler         # requires jump indirect
    jr      k0

the compiler generate the above code to

000019bc:    8f9affc8   lw  $26,-56($28) //lw k0,-56(gp)        
000019c0:    00000000   nop             
000019c4:    275a17d8   addiu   $26,$26,6104=0x17d8   //addiu k0,k0,6104    
000019c8:    03400008   jr  $26     //jr k0

How can I avoid the gp register use?

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Your question is too wide. One option for you would be to compile the code with -static option. However, you'd better explain what exactly you are trying to achieve with this "don't use gp register" task. –  MannyNS Feb 6 '13 at 13:25

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If you know the exact address of gen_exp_handler you can use li pseudoinstruction to load that address in register $26. E.g. suppose gen_exp_handler address is 0x12345600 then you could issue

  li $k0, 0x12345600
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