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I need to layout data in a long, 13 column table. But it needs to look like two tables with some space between column 10 and 11. How is that done in HTML? My first thought is a 14 column table with the 11th column taking up space but not visible. I cannot figure out how to do that, though.

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If you'd rather not have empty table cells, which may be strange for the visually-impaired, try this.

<style type="text/css">
    td {display: inline-block;}    
    td.spaced {margin-left: 20px;}
        <td class="spaced">Three</td>

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I think that this is more of a CSS question, but it can be done easily with :nth-child. Create the empty table cell as the 11th column and use:

td:nth-child(11) {
    border: 0;

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Try this example and see if it's to your liking ... 5 cols with a spacer between cols 2 and 4. It could be improved but I think it's got the look you're after.

<table cols=5 style='border:thin solid blue'>
<th style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 1</th>
<th style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 2</th>
<th style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 3</th>
<th style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 4</th>
<td style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 1A</th>
<td style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 1B</th>
<td style='border:thin solid blue'>Col 1D</th>
<td style='border:thin solid blue'>Cell 1E</th>
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