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I'm working on an RoR project with MS SQL 2005 database. In the database, I have a table named "equipments", where I have a field named "std_unit", defined as a data type decimal(18,2).

A strange behavior is that even I store a value in that field 2-decimal-place ok, however, it displays too many decimal digits after the decimal point as a result of my ruby code. The following example shows how it looks like when stored in there, I looked it up through SQL Management Studio.

    e.g (how it looks when stored in the database)


schema definition in Rails 

        t.decimal  "std_unit",      :precision => 18, :scale => 2

when I extract the data off to present in a Rails view, what I got is the same figure with too many digits after the decimal point.

Then I retrieve that value via the following line of code thru active_record.


standard unit   11.1099853515625

any thing might be wrong with my configuration? and how to get rid of that?

any advice would be very much appreciated.

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