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Does anyone have twitter ????? and in your profile tab, under your banner there is 3 cells which contain three different numbers that go with the lables (tweets), (Following), and (followers). to make it more clear it would say something like 3,456 tweets and if you were to upload a new tweet the number would go up to 3,457. Also if you had 234 followers and then gained 3 new followers, the number would go up to 237 followers. I was just wondering does anyone know what program, code or perhaps framework twitter uses so that the numbers of tweets and followers updates when someone follows you or when you compose a tweet.

If anybody knows:

1)Is it a framework or specific code that needs to be manually typed in?

2)Is it available in Xcode for me to use in my Xcode project?

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don't ask the same question twice! just keep editing your original question and people will answer it. be patient @user2041116 – trludt Feb 5 '13 at 3:53
@trludt sorry :| i just need to know, thanks for the advice though. – user2041116 Feb 5 '13 at 4:10

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