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I'm trying to send an e-mail where the sender is specified. Instead i get Nobody@host.edu

$test='example body'.$random_String;
$message3 = array(
  'to' => 'fake_user@place.com',
  'from' => 'fake_sender@place.edu',
  //'from' => variable_get('site_mail', 'admin@example.com'), //alternative doesn't work either
  'subject' => t('Example subject'),
  'body' => $test,
  'headers' => array(),

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Read the documentation for the drupal_mail_send() function. You're not providing the right parameters to drupal_mail_send(). You're missing the id key. Plus, this function already uses PHP's mail() so you don't have to use it directly.

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Just use good old php mail() function http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php

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