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I have a GAE app and I have already been able to redirect to my own domain's www subdomain and the naked domain. For example, if I owned and, then entering in or into the browser will render the contents of successfully. I configured all this using Google Apps on the Google side of things and NameCheap on the registrar side of things.

Now, I have made a new, non-default version of my GAE app. Let's call it How do I set up a URL forward (or what-not) so that I can access this GAE version by simply entering into my browser?

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What you are looking for to do is possible if you set up a wildcard subdomain mapping. This is well documented in the final section of Using a Custom Domain.

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Thank for the help. I do need to add that Google's page is a little outdated. The "Add URL" button is no longer on the Dashboard page. Instead, you have to go to Settings then go to the link on the left toolbar for your App Engine app. – ecbrodie Feb 5 '13 at 15:43

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