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score.sentiment = function(sentences, pos.words, neg.words, .progress='none')
    #we got a vector of sentences. plyr will handle a list
    #or a vector as an "l" for us
    #we want a simple array of scores bac, so we use
    #"l", + "a", + "ply" = "laply":
    scores = laply(sentences, function(sentences, pos.words, neg.words){
    #clean up sentences with R's regex-driven global substitute, gsub():
    sentence = gsub('[[:punct:]]',",sentence)
    sentence = gsub('[[:cntrl:]]',",sentence)
    sentence = gsub('\\d+',", sentence)
    #and convert to lower case
    sentence = tolower(sentence)
    #split into words.str_split is in the stringer package
    word.list = str_split(sentence, '\\s+')
    #sometimes a list() is one level of hierarchy too much
    words = unlist(word.list)
    #compare our words to the dictonaries of positive & negative terms
    pos.matches = match(words, pos.words)
    neg.matches = match(words, neg.words)
    #match() returns the position of the matches term or NA
    ##we want TRUE/FALSE
    pos.matches = !is.na(pos.matches)
    neg.matches = !is.na(neg.matches)
    #conviently, TRUE/FALSE will be treated as 1/0 by sum()
    score = sum(pos.matches)- sum(neg.matches)
    scores.df = data.frame(score=scores, text=sentences)
    return(scores.df)}, pos.words, neg.words, .progress=.progress)
    scores.df = data.rame(score=scores,text=sentences)

I hope it is formatted well enough to make sense. When I enter that code, I get a very strange error, in fact as soon as a I type the first line score. sentiment... upon pressing enter i see a + appear in the console? I puzzled! I am assuming the code is good because it's from a professional presentation. My project is applying it in a more interesting way. Any idea? suggestions? Advice?

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Get another copy of that function from here: github.com/jeffreybreen/… – Ben Feb 5 '13 at 4:37
Your syntax breaks in the first gsub call. – Roman Luštrik Feb 5 '13 at 7:43
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The "+" is telling you that you have not closed an open bracket or curly brace. The code as displayed here is not formatted clearly enough to see easily where the problem lies.

There are other errors apparent in the code too; e.g data.rame. I think what you have there is a copy/paste problem.

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