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I have a number of html files and a single config.xml file..Though they are seperate pages they all belong to a single project..Now my config.xml file has thig tag

<widget xmlns = ""
    xmlns:gap = ""
    id        = "com.phonegap.capexrevex"
    version   = "1.0.0"> 

Then as i already mentioned above i have a number of html pages..

In that i have my homepage "main.html".In my homepage i need to read the version tag from my config.xml file

How do i do this using javascript/jquery ???

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Use the jQuery $.get function and you should be able to accomplish what you are trying to do.

$.get("config.xml", function(data){
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Note: the config.xml on the latest version of PhoneGap is not located inside the www folder. I know you can have one in the www folder but if you were to install a fresh copy of PhoneGap and create a new app, the directory structure does not put the config.xml in the www folder any more... – codehuntr Jul 2 '15 at 17:08

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