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Say that I'm on the url: http://example.com . My baseURL for loading javascripts is 'js' which means, example.com/js/

If I simply supply "js" as the baseURL on http://example.com , I think that it will work.

However, if the user is on example.com/signup/process or example.com/projects/view/55 , and the baseUrl is supplied as simply "js", will require.js be able to understand that it refers to example.com/js and not to example.com/projects/view/55/js ?

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have you tried supplying "/js" ?


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I've not tried anything yet, I'm just wondering if it will work on different urls or not. If I'm on example.com/signup/process , and I supply /js, will require.js treat this as example.com/js or example.com/signup/process/js –  Click Upvote Feb 5 '13 at 5:13

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