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Stack only append the last argv. How to implement mutex lock

Hi guys below is my code for a client to talk to server

its call


#include <pthread.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>

#define SUCCESS 0
#define ERROR   1

#define END_LINE 0x0
#define SERVER_PORT 1500
#define MAX_MSG 256
pthread_mutex_t mutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;

Description: Request an entry from a user
char *GetMessage()
    char minibuf[MAX_MSG];
    char *buf = NULL;
    int pos;
    int c;

    pos = 0;
    c   = 0;
    fprintf(stderr, "Enter a file name (enter 'exit' to end the program):\n");
    c = fgetc(stdin);
    while(!feof(stdin) && c != '\n'){
        if (c >= 0)
            minibuf[pos++] = c;
        c = fgetc(stdin);
    minibuf[pos++] = '\0';
    buf = strdup(minibuf);
    return buf;

int OpenPort(int portno, char *servAddress){
    int sd, rc;
    struct sockaddr_in localAddr, servAddr;
    struct hostent *h;

    h = gethostbyname(servAddress);
    if(h == NULL) {
        printf("unknown host: '%s'\n", servAddress);

    servAddr.sin_family = h->h_addrtype;
    memcpy((char *) &servAddr.sin_addr.s_addr, h->h_addr_list[0], h->h_length);
    servAddr.sin_port = htons(portno);

    /* create socket */
    sd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 6);
    if(sd < 0) {
        perror("cannot open socket ");

    /* bind any port number */
    localAddr.sin_family = AF_INET;
    localAddr.sin_addr.s_addr = htonl(INADDR_ANY);
    localAddr.sin_port = htons(0);

    rc = bind(sd, (struct sockaddr *) &localAddr, sizeof(localAddr));
    if(rc < 0) {
        printf("cannot bind port TCP %u\n", portno);
        perror("error ");

    /* connect to server */
    rc = connect(sd, (struct sockaddr *) &servAddr, sizeof(servAddr));
    if(rc < 0) {
        fprintf(stderr, "cannot connect to server '%s'", servAddress);

    return sd;

Description: Send a message to a machine identified by sd
int SendRequest(int sd, char *server)
    char *message;

    message = GetMessage();
    if (!strcmp(message, "exit"))
        return 0;

    if (send(sd, message, strlen(message)+1, 0) < 0) {
        perror("cannot send data ");
    return 1;

Description: Main function
int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {

    int sd;
    int i, n, totalbytes;
    char line[MAX_MSG];
    int default_port = SERVER_PORT;
    FILE *ofile;
    pthread_t thread[NUMOFTHREAD];
       if(argc != 2) {
       fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s <server_ip>\n\n", argv[0]);

        sd = OpenPort(default_port, argv[i]);

        ofile = fopen("output.txt", "w");
        totalbytes = 0;
        while(SendRequest(sd, argv[i])){
            printf("Waiting for data from %s\n", argv[i]);

            /* init line */
                n = recv(sd, line, MAX_MSG, 0); /* wait for data */
                printf("Received %d bytes\n", n);
                if (n < 0) {
                    perror("Cannot receive data ");
                    return ERROR;
                else if (n){

                    totalbytes += n;
                    fwrite(line, n, 1, ofile);
                if (n == 0 || n < MAX_MSG)

        fprintf(stderr, "%d bytes received from %s\n", totalbytes, argv[i]);
        fprintf(stderr, "Result written to output.txt\n");

    }//end for loop
    return 1;

What i do is basically i type the command

gcc client.c -o client -lpthread

I then input

data3 which is "Hello" from


I request

data4 which is "World" from

But my output.txt contain World only, i wonder how do i implement my thread properly in this case to join and exit then write to output.txt

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Too much code with too little explanation. –  Alexey Frunze Feb 5 '13 at 5:47
@AlexeyFrunze Sorry for the confusion, the part i think having issue is probably the part on int main , where i write to the file, as the write mode is w, it meant to overwrite the file, i am thinking if i could use thread to collect data from server1 then server 2 and then join the thread and append both thread data to variable line and then write to file. –  user2017011 Feb 5 '13 at 5:55
@user2017011: I don't see any threads. –  Loki Astari Feb 5 '13 at 5:58
@LokiAstari ... me neither, besides the main thread. –  alk Feb 10 '13 at 17:50

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