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I have an iframe in aspx page:

<iframe style="width: 100%;" src="" scrolling="auto" id="reportFrame" runat="server">

And JavaScript I am using is below"

 <script type="text/javascript">
function getElement(aID) {
    return (document.getElementById) ? document.getElementById(aID) : document.all[aID];

function getIFrameDocument(aID) {
    var rv = null;
    var frame = getElement(aID); 
    // if contentDocument exists, W3C compliant(e.g.Mozilla)
    if (frame.contentDocument)
        rv = frame.contentDocument;
    else // bad Internet Explorer  ;)
        rv = document.frames[aID].document;
    return rv;

function adjustMyFrameHeight() {
    var frame = getElement("reportFrame");
    var frameDoc = getIFrameDocument("reportFrame");
    frame.height = frameDoc.body.offsetHeight + 15;


But I have a case for the src in my .cs page as we retrieve src from query string so the code is:

  case "Case1":
                reportFrame.Attributes["src"] = "acd.aspx";
                reportFrame.Attributes["height"] = "355px"; //giving iframe height as script now working.

In page load:

 this.reportFrame.Attributes.Add("onload", "adjustMyFrameHeight();");

I have specified the script in the page load as well as since we are using runat="server" but still script is now working. Any help?

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I just got an answer after debugging the script step by step that in order to get the Id of the frame, I must specify the whole or complete Id as it was inherited in a Content placeholder of the Master page so whole Id had to be given.

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