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I want to get the parent domain or url or hostname inside iframe javascript.

I have used document.referrer for that, but it works only first time. By this i mean that my iframe contains the form so when user will submit the form and when that iframe gets load again the referrer will become the my iframes domain.

Now each time my iframe loads i want the parent domain name only as I am creating the links using that.


                var referrer = document.referrer;

But this works fine only first time because of the reason I mentioned above.. So can somebody help me to how to overcome from this.

Ask me in case if more clarity required..

Thanks, Mahesh

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You can do one thing for this:

  1. Save your parent domain / url / hostname in some hidden variable in your form.And submit that form.
  2. Do not set/save/use documentReferrer value from current url. When you need, use the hidden variable.

You can use any logic... e.g:

var refval=$("#documentReferrer").val();
     $("#documentReferrer").val(referrer); //So, for the future, this will not execute...
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The moment you have the parent domain URL inside the iFrame (from the document.referrer), you can store that URL in the localStorage, and then after the form is submitted, retrieve it back from the localStorage itself.

Something like:

var referringURL = document.referrer;
//store the url in localStorage 
localStorage['referrer'] = referringURL; 

Now after the form is submitted:

var originalReferrer = localStorage['referrer'];
//you have the original referrer back
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