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I want to add a revision number to my static assets so when they're updated browsers will refresh them - how to force browsers reload static assets after code deployment?

Without a revision query string I can see hits in 'varnishstat', with them I see that its passing the request to the backend.

how can I cache static assets with revisions ?

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Change your static assets regular expression to something like this:

if (req.url ~ "\.(jpeg|jpg|png|gif|ico|swf|js|css)(\?.*|)$") {
  return (lookup);

it will match revisions too.

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It is a strange needs but the following code should resolve your issue :

sub vcl_recv {
  set req.url = regsub(req.url, "(\.(jpeg|jpg|png|gif|ico|swf|js|css))\?.*$", "\1");

You will need to clear varnish cache (purge/ban) every time your resource is updated in your backend.

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why is it a strange need ? I want to both cache static assets and make sure the browsers always have the latest version – Gal Ben-Haim Feb 7 '13 at 7:19
E.g. Drupal update static revision number every time you want to clear cache. It will be the case for client's cache but not for drupal's one. – Doomsday Feb 7 '13 at 13:44

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