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I want to bind TextBox's Tag (which is inside a DataGrid), to validation rule's CurrentLegStrategy property (which is a DependencyProperty). Although I've done something similar with Deal dependency property using a global tunnel object, however not able to figure out, what would be the tunnel for CurrentLegStrategy (ideally should be coming from the bound data to DataRow or to the bound data to TextBox's tag)?

<DataTemplate x:Key="PremiumProp">
    <TextBlock Style="{StaticResource TextBlockLeft}" Tag="{Binding Strategy}" x:Name="txtPremiumProp">                     
            <Binding Path="AbsolutePremium" StringFormat="{}{0:#,##0.00####}" Converter="{StaticResource _DoubleConvertor}">
                    <Control:MBSStrategyBasedDoubleValidation ValidatesOnTargetUpdated="True" ValidationTag="premabs"
                            ErrorMessage="Please enter a valid positive (+) premium (also check the reference which is required for auto calculation)!">
                            <Control:DealObject Deal="{Binding Tag, Source={StaticResource TradeTunnel}}" CurrentLegStrategy="{Binding Path=Tag, ElementName=txtPremiumProp}"/>

Then I also tried,

        <FrameworkElement x:Name="strategySource" Tag="{Binding Tag, Source={x:Reference txtPremiumProp}}"/>

With the following:

CurrentLegStrategy="{Binding Path=Tag, Source={StaticResource strategySource}}"

Cannot find resource named 'strategySource'. Resource names are case sensitive.

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As it is, this is like blind guessing game with that's going on. I'd suggest you try using RelativeSource binding instead of ElementName in your DealObject. If that doesn't work, create a simple project that demonstrates your problem and give the code here (and possibly link your sample project) that we can use to troubleshoot your issue. – Maverik Feb 6 '13 at 16:11

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