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Sorry for asking this question coz it's already asked here n solved but the problem is it doesn't work for me I've seen many resources telling me to change the size from java runtime events and I changed the size as this -Xms1024m -Xmx2048, but I find the same error.next i tried to change the size from Runweka.ini But when I run weka i got an error Jvm cannot start Critical error...

SO is there any other solution may be from the os or anywhere to change these value n get out of the problem?

here is my system info

win 7 64 bit 4Gb RAm
Weka 3.7.8 
java 3.7 

both installed

C://program files /.... 
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Welcome to StackOverflow. This is not a cell phone, unless you edit your question, rewrite it and make it understandble you will likely not receive the answer you are looking for or any answer at all. –  Yaroslav Feb 5 '13 at 7:53

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With -Xmx2048 you are setting the maximum heap size to 2048 bytes I suggest you try instead




I wouldn't bother setting the minimum. I might save a milli-second on startup.

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