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I I want to enable editing by a single click in a telerik RadGridView with multiple CheckBox columns defines as follows:

        <telerik:RadGridView ItemsSource="{Binding someSource}" AutoGenerateColumns="False">
            <telerik:GridViewCheckBoxColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding someBinding}"/>
            <telerik:GridViewCheckBoxColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding someBinding1}"/>
            <telerik:GridViewCheckBoxColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding someBinding2}"/>

I defined the following style but it doesn't work

        <Style TargetType="{x:Type telerik:GridViewCheckBoxColumn}">
            <Setter Property="AutoSelectOnEdit" Value="True"/>
            <Setter Property="EditTriggers" Value="CellClick"/>
            <Setter Property="IsThreeState" Value="True"/>

This does not work. However, if I set those properties to each column individually it works fine.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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I dont think there is a problem with the way you defined your style so it must be the initial section.

I think ItemsSource="{Binding someSource}" should be like this ItemsSource="{Binding Path= someSource}"

Not too sure as I haven't tried but hope this works.

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tried it, same results .... I don't know why but no style seems to apply to the RadGridView ... I also tried setting a style to cells like this <Style TargetType="telerik:RadGridViewCell"> <EventSetter Event="MouseUp" Handler="Cell_MouseUp" /> </Style> but no results .... –  Omribitan Feb 5 '13 at 14:45

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