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I am trying to disable several arbitrary PMD warnings for my class.

How can I list several PMD rules to be ignored? I was not able to find with Google.

public class MyClass {

it gives Eclipse compile time error:

Duplicate annotation @SurpressWarnings

This is compilable but ignored

@SuppressWarnings("PMD.OnlyOneReturn, PMD.ShortVariable")


@SuppressWarnings("PMD.OnlyOneReturn", "PMD.ShortVariable")

result is

Syntax error on token ,

Eclipse is configured to accept PMD type:

Unsupported @SuppressWarnings ( "PMD.DoNotCallSystemExit" )

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You have to list them in an array.

Like this:

    "PMD.ShortVariable"  })
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Right, I will accept your answer. Thanks –  Nikolay Kuznetsov Feb 5 '13 at 8:32

Found just now in Annotation Type SuppressWarnings.

This seems to work, note { and }, since it is String[]:

@SuppressWarnings({"PMD.OnlyOneReturn", "PMD.ShortVariable"})
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