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I have mapped my objects using hibernate and annotations. I can query and create them individually. But when I need to populate one from a form that is a composite type, ie it includes a foreign key of another entity, I don't know how to populate the object property it represents. So something like this:

<s:textfield name="page.book" label="book"/>

should translate to property Book of bean Page which in turn translates to foreign key book_id in table pages. I'm not sure how to map my form bean fields to composite types such as Book. I keep getting NullPointerException's serverside.

Can someone outline how you'd populate a bean property that's not a simple type?

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Is Book an object or a primitive/String property? maybe you need to use page.book.book_id –  orique Feb 5 '13 at 9:02
Book is an object. –  user1561108 Feb 5 '13 at 9:06

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You need to create a input for each property of your Book object in bean Page.

public class Book {
    private int bookId;
    private String bookTitle;
    // and so on...

    // getters and setters *important*

public class Page {
    private Book book;
    // and so on...    

    // getters and setters *important*

You would need both:

<s:textfield name="page.book.bookId" label="bookId"/>


<s:textfield name="page.book.bookTitle" label="bookTitle"/>

and any other properties Book may have.

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