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Okay this is probably lame question, but I haven't found good result searching the web.
I want to combine cdt,pdt,dltk in eclipse. I dont plan to code java though,lol.But because eclipse primarily act as java IDE at the 1st place, java capabilities is just a bonus for me.
Now,What to download? Do you know any good guide to do this?

2.eclipse vs netbeans
a.which one is consume less memory?
b.which one is faster/snappier?


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With eclipse3.5, use the p2 provisioning mechanism to load the relevant plugins and their dependencies.

P2 Menu

You can start by loading an "all-in-one" config for PDT, and then use the update sites (for eclipse3.5) for:

Regarding eclipse, it is reasonably fast, provided you are using the right eclipse.ini: See this SO post.

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