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How to match pattern

Maybe (Either (Int, String) String)

I need to write function with such kind of input and how it is possible to parse such input?

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The Maybe a type has the patterns Just a and Nothing. The Either a b type has the patterns Left a and Right b. So a value of type Maybe (Either (Int, String) String) can match the following patterns:

  • Nothing
  • Just (Left (x,y)) where x is an Int and y is a String
  • Just (Right z) where z is a String.
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f :: Maybe (Either (Int, String) String) -> <SOMETHING>
f x = case x of
    Just (Left (i, s)) -> <...>
    Just (Right s) -> <...>
    Nothing -> <...>
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matchme Nothing = "Nothing"
matchme (Just (Left (x,y)) = "Left " ++ show x ++ " " + y
matchme (Just (Right z)) = "Right " ++ z
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One can also use the maybe and either functions, like so:

matchit = maybe nothing (left `either` right)
      nothing = {- value for the nothing case -}
      left (x,y) = {- code for the (Just (Left (x,y)) case -}
      right z = {- code for the (Just (Right z)) case -}
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