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When running a smoke test in Google Chrome with Testacular configured with singleRun: true I found that some extensions like LastPass would open a first run window with a yes/no prompt every time. You would have to click the LastPass prompt for the test suite to complete.

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You can work around this with a custom browser script.

  1. In your Testacular conf, change browsers = ['Chrome'] to [__dirname + '/'] (I think the path needs to be absolute)

  2. Create a new file called in the same folder as your testacular.conf.js containing;

    exec "/Applications/Google Chrome" \
    --user-data-dir="/tmp/testacular" \
    --disable-extensions \
    --no-default-browser-check \
    --no-first-run \
    --disable-default-apps \
    --use-fake-device-for-media-stream \

You may need to chmod 775 to give permissions to run the script.

Now when you next run Testacular - any extensions like LastPass shouldn't interrupt you.

Hope this helps someone.

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