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For now I searched the web for 2.5 hours and can't really find any direction how to use Jenkins' jboss plugin. I went through things what are obvious, but for example I have no clue how to use the component, adding what properties etc... In jenkins usually there are helpful hints and notes, but in this jboss plugin none.

I want to deploy an EAR and multiple WARs, and I have problem even with start JBoss. I realized that JBoss 7 won't run, it simply supports earlier version. I got it, and I bumped to 15 sec timeout. I wouldn't bug stackowerflow with all the steps I am taking, can anybody recommend me a good tutorial (I looked for it, but none found) or some documentation on the plugin?

Thanks in advance!

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so far I am thinking of just a workaround with ant script, I see no great chance to find anything. – CsBalazsHungary Feb 5 '13 at 10:30
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I could only make a workaround with ANT. I hope it will be helpful for the next person who thinks that Jenkins' jboss plugin works... it isn't with the v7.1.1 for sure.

So the workaround:

Check if JBoss responds

  <condition property="jboss.online">
    <socket server="localhost" port="8080"/>

If yes, stop JBoss and delete all deployments

<target name="stop" depends="-check-status" if="${start.successful}">
    <java jar="${jboss.home}/jboss-modules.jar" fork="true">
        <arg line="-mp ${jboss.home}/modules org.jboss.as.cli -c command=:shutdown" />

    <sleep seconds="10" />
    <delete quiet="false" includeEmptyDirs="true">
        <fileset dir="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments/">
            <include name="**/*" />

Copy all ears and wars to deployments

            <copy file="${publish.dir}/main.ear" overwrite="true" todir="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments" />
        <copy file="${publish.dir}/first.war" overwrite="true" todir="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments" />
        <copy file="${publish.dir}/second.war" overwrite="true" todir="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments" />

Start JBoss

<exec executable="${jboss.home}/bin/standalone.bat" spawn="true">

Wait for deployments and start unit tests

<!-- startup, deploy -->
<target name="deploy-war" description="deploy war file" depends="-start">
    <condition property="jboss.online">
        <socket server="localhost" port="8080"/>

    <echo message="${jboss.online}"> ONLINE STATUS</echo>
    <echo>WAITING FOR DEPLOYMENT...</echo>
            <available file="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments/main.ear.deployed" />
            <available file="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments/main.ear.failed" />
    <condition property="deployed">
        <available file="${jboss.home}/standalone/deployments/main.ear.deployed" />

    <antcall target="deploy.failed"/>
    <antcall target="deploy.success"/>

    <echo>|   W A R  D E P L O Y E D   |</echo>


<!-- Deploy success, run unit tests -->
 <target name="deploy.success" if="deployed">
   <echo>DEPLOY SUCCESS</echo>
    <sleep seconds="10" />
    <antcall target="unit-test.-multi-only-unit-test-noreport"></antcall>

<!-- Deploy failed, fail -->
 <target name="deploy.failed" unless="deployed">
   <echo>DEPLOY FAILED</echo>

if anything fails call an ant error, so Jenkins will send mail about the error.

When I refactor my code I will post the final version

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