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i have a very nice Filter plugin i made with Jquery UI Slider, Here is the Full code And working Example:


Its working great, The Only problem is That After Ajax call it does not Change the Items..

Here is the Ajax call:

     url: "search.php",
     dataType: 'json',
     type: 'GET',
     data: "q="+value+"&category="+cat+"&country="+country+"&page="+page,
         success: function(data){
            globalRequest = 0;
            resultContainer.fadeOut('fast', function() {
        for (var x in data) {                   
    var html = '<li class="item" data-type="league2" data-id="id-'+x+'" style="position: relative;">';
    html += '<label class="title"><a href="'+data[x].url+'" target="_blank">'+data[x].Title+'</a></label>';
    html += '<img src="'+data[x].img+'">';
    html += '<label class="price">New Price: '+data[x].newprice+'</label>';
        html += '</li>';



I tried to Use .live and .delegate With no success (Im not sure how\where to use it)

Any suggestions??

Thank you very much!!!


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Two things:

First, check that the success function is being called with something like console.log(data); in the success: callback and that there are not errors stopping the Ajax call from completing successfully. In the JavaScript console, check that the variable data has been correctly populated and contains the data you expect it to contain.

Secondly, use JQuery selectors instead of global variables within the ajax success call. E.g. use $("#resultContainer") (assuming the div has an id resultContainer) instead of the variable resultContainer.

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