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I'm using the following class mapped as a Neo4j node:

public class Item
    public long Id { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string[] Synonyms { get; set; }

The idea is that database searches should match against the Name property, or any item in the Synonyms array:

The following search performs case-sensitive matches (clipped for brevity):

START (...) WHERE item.Name = "searchTerm") OR ("searchTerm" IN item.Synonyms!) RETURN item;

I'm attempting to perform case-insensitive matches, but only got as far as this:

START (...) WHERE item.Name =~ '(?i)searchTerm') OR ("searchTerm" IN item.Synonyms!) RETURN item;

Is it possible to perform case-insensitive matches against the Synonyms string array?

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I resorted to this, which seems to do the trick:

WHERE item.Name =~ '(?i)searchTerm') OR (ANY(s IN item.Synonyms! WHERE s =~ '(?i)searchTerm')
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You could use the str() function:

WHERE str(item.Synonyms) =~ '(?).*whatever.*'
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