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This may be a novice question, but please help me to understand it.

Why exactly do we need to register the struct cdev in our character driver?

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From what I understand of your question, you seem to be asking about the significance of struct cdev. struct cdev is one of the elements of the inode structure. As you probably may know already, an inode structure is used by the kernel internally to represent files. The struct cdev is the kernel's internal structure that represents char devices. So this field is a pointer to that structure while the inode refers to the char device file. Therefore if the kernel has to invoke the device it has to register a structure of this type.

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struct cdev represent a character device within the kernel.

All streaming devices(ex: uart, keryboard) falls under the character device category and is available in user-space as a device node file (ex: /dev/ttyS0). User applications accesses the device by using the standard File I/O operations.

enter image description here

Inside kernel, character driver comes in between the device file and the streaming device, and this driver layer takes care of translating the File I/O operation to Device operations and vice-versa.

In character device driver development struct file_operations is the most important data structure used. This structure is used to implement the basic file i/o - open(), read(), write(), close(), ioctl(), etc... functionality for the the device.

struct cdev structure encapsulates the file_operations structure and some other important driver information(major/minor no). It is the new way of the registering character driver with kernel.

The cdev structure is accessed by the kernel throughthe following API's:

cdev_init() - used to initialize struct cdev with the defined file_operations
cdev_add()  - used to add a character device to the system. 
cdev_del()  - used to remove a character device from the system

After a call to cdev_add(), your device is immediately alive. All functions you defined (through the file_operations structure) can be called.

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The question was relevant, and I am not sure I really got the full picture: In, the scull.c driver defines a cdev and passes a fops struct to it as well as to the file descriptor (struct file also have a member fops). I understand the need to pass a struct fops to the file descriptor (so your methods get called when the user read/write the file), but why would we need a cdev strcuture with the same fops info? – user1159290 Feb 9 '15 at 15:53

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