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I developed mostly apps on iOS and android and now I want to start with blackberry development. I can see there are many platforms available on for blackberry development.

Can anyone tell me which one should I select to start the development?

I am thinking about Webworks frameworks. Using Webworks the app will work as native or not? or should I go with some other platforms. I want to target all three device platforms bb10, bb smartphones and tablet.

What is the easier thing for me?

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i think html5 is better – Signare Feb 5 '13 at 10:41
@Signare does it provide the native behaviour of complete app? – faiziii Feb 5 '13 at 10:59

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Can anyone tell me which one should I select to start the development.

RIM has a nice web-page, where you can select the technology which would suit you best of all:

BlackBerry developer :: Platform Choice

If you want to support everything: BB5-6-7, BB10 and tablets, the only solution is to go with WebWorks.

Using Webworks the app will work as native or not?

No, it won't. WebWorks uses browser as a container and bridge between application and smartphone features.

What is the easier thing for me?

If you develop "business-style" application, without fancy graphics, effect and transitions, then WebWorks should do the trick.

Nevertheless you should thoroughly test your app on BB6/7, BB10, PlayBook. Because some APIs have changed in newer versions of WebWorks.

To make your development easier, you can try using some of the community HTML5 frameworks, e.g.: bbUI.

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You will have to take your needs into consideration, but it SOUNDS like HTML5 would be the route for you. Have a look at Appcelerator and PhoneGap.

I will give a word of caution about OS5 devices though -those browsers were not based on WebKit, and as such results might...well...foobar comes to mind. The simpler your keep your app, the better chance you have of getting everything working on everything.

Also consider that RIM (er, sorry, "BlackBerry", or the "Company formerly known as RIM") is pushing OS10 HARD, so how long the lower OS version will still be around is a matter of some debate ;)

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