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I'm implementing a Role Based Access Control system .

Users have Roles (many-to-many)
Roles have Permissions (many-to-many)
Roles have Privileges (many-to-many)
A Role belongs to A Customer

I want to have 2 default Role s : Admin and Normal. The problem is , the Role s belong to Customers. So it means i need to define this default Roles for each Customer.

How can i avoid defining the same 2 Roles for each Customer ?

(The first idea i have come up with, was to keep the owners of these default Roles NULL , but this is gonna add a lot of extra control and forking over my authorization methods)

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Not sure if I get it right, but the Role shouldn't depend on Users...

The general solution at DB level is employing a connection table, i.e. one USER table, one ROLE table and a USER_ROLE table with two foreign keys to USER and ROLE tables, respectively.

The solution at JPA level (I assume you use this because of the "Java" label you added) is to annotate the collection representing the association with a @ManyToMany tag and the framework will handle the rest of it.

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ah no. im just implementing the mechanism, derived from Microsoft CRM. So anyone can create new User Roles for our entities and services. –  kommradHomer Feb 5 '13 at 12:15

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