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I implement a free hand drawing module using UIBezierPath, but i want to get the all frame of the curve after i finish drawing, how can i do it.

And if there a way to get the path point for a connected path, it will be great.

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did you ever find an answer? I have the same question :) – Cocoadelica Apr 17 '14 at 9:36

Your question is not entirely clear, but if you want the bounding rectangle of a UIBezierPath, there is a bounds property.

If you want to know the position of the last point to connect another path, there is the currentPoint property.

If you want to examine the different parts of the path, you'll have to go down to the underlying CGPath, and the CGPathApply function.

If you want to test if a point is inside the path (would be filled), you can use the containsPoint: method, and if you want to test if a point is part of the path, you will have to do the math yourself using the Bézier formulas...

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Ok, thanks for that. so i want to get the Frame for the path because i want to scale it. or if there any other way to do that it will be great. – Islam.Ibrahim Feb 5 '13 at 12:44

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