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I get JSON with structure like this:

  "images":[{"id":"1","url":"image url"},{"id":"2","url":"url"}],
  "title":"vel ad eius",

How to structurize DS.model to handle it?

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String values (description, title) will use a DS.attr('string')

Number (seats) will use a DS.attr('number')

Arrays (images, taken_seats, options) will use a relation like DS.hasMany('App.Image'), you will have to set the mapping in the adapter to embedded see here for details.

You may feel like you do not need a relationship for arrays, like for example if you do not want / can list the possible keys of object in the options array. The solution would be to register a custom transform for your needs then you may encounter some unexcepted behavior, particularly with the isDirty flag of the object, see here for details

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