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Does iPhone support XML-RPC, Is their any open source framework which I can use?

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Checkout the source for the wordpress app. They might be using XML-RPC. :)

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They are using the Cocoa XML-RPC Client Framework ( – Chris R. Donnelly Apr 7 '10 at 14:59

"Airsource Ltd" is really really incredibly wrong about that document. That document is specific to Mac OS X and NOT the iPhone. In fact (almost) all Apple iPhone documentation is hidden away behind a login page and a licence agreement. Most of the technologies that document refer to (e.g. AppleScript) do not even exist on the iPhone.

Amit, you'll have Zero luck if you follow Airsource's advice. You will however do ok if you do as "Lounges" says and go grab the wordpress source code. It looks like they rolled their own XMLRPC library for use on the iPhone.

As for SOAP - you're on your own. You might be able to find an opensource SOAP library built on top of libxml2 though. Good luck.

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yeh I know mate, and I downloaded that code and trying to understand it and even wordpress uses one open source framework. thanks for your concerns and help. – Amit Vaghela Sep 29 '08 at 2:57
Good heavens. You are correct, and I've deleted my incorrect respponse. Perhaps you could delete a few adjectives? I've upvoted your answer anyway... – Airsource Ltd Sep 29 '08 at 3:22

Yes iPhone support XML-RPC and wordpress opensource application is best example of it, but from performance aspect I must say JSON is better to use with iPhone application,

from here u can download JSON parser.

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I heard that if you have control over the payload you could use a PLIST file as an array and retrieve it via NSArray method call. I haven't done it yet, but I might opt for this route since, using XMLRPC is giving me issues with malformed XML delcarations. :(

ok so thanks to this answer. I was able to clear out any "whitespaces" in my XMLRPC server (on wordpress) and retrieve my XMLRPC data onto the iPhone. YAY!

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hi yes now you can communicate with wordpress with any device bacause now it support the xmlrpc for more details checkout That contails the list of method workout with wordpress from comment to image upload.for first you have to enable service with admin panel to setting->written.

have dream day

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