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I have automated scripts that run every night (around 350 scripts or testcases). I want to record a video of each test case (python scripts). Is there any tool or way that i can use to control video recording for each test case separately? For instans during a test case setup start recording and during teardown stop recording and save the video locally with a specified name and date. So I should have 350 videos for each testcase (more preferably save only videos for the failed test cases)

Is there a way of integrating this functionality in the code I use for my setups and teardowns?

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Do you really need a video, when it is trivially easy to [take a ScreenShot][1]? [1]:… – Martin Spamer Feb 5 '13 at 15:24
Yes I use screenshots already but som test cases fail during the nightly runs without any help from the screenshot. I need to see what happens prior to the moment of failure not the failure itself – Adam Feb 8 '13 at 14:02

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Simple webdriver has no function to record video; you need to use a third party library

For Java webdriver looke here:

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You can use castro in python. please refer the below link

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is there any way for doing same using Java – Umamaheshwar Thota Feb 5 '13 at 14:24

You can use the following web service which can be remotely controlled with simple http requests.

I have used this for webdriver tests in a grid environment.

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