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I would like to write a driver to How do I calculate all the following params:

struct fb_videomode {
    const char *name;   /* optional */
    u32 refresh;        /* optional */
    u32 xres;
    u32 yres;
    u32 pixclock;
    u32 left_margin;
    u32 right_margin;
    u32 upper_margin;
    u32 lower_margin;
    u32 hsync_len;
    u32 vsync_len;
    u32 sync;
    u32 vmode;
    u32 flag;
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I found this document that might be of help Good luck – Mahendra Gunawardena Jan 7 '14 at 16:31
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I hope those fields mentioned are available in the EDID of the display device.

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This document might be of help. I used this document to calculate the above information.

The Frame Buffer Device

Good luck

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