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I'm developing some code, that needs to execute this query

(Traditional MYSQL)

SELECT * FROM `SistemaPuntuacions` WHERE `rankingActual` BETWEEN (SELECT `rankingActual` FROM `SistemaPuntuacions` WHERE `user_id` = $id) -5 AND (SELECT `rankingActual` FROM `SistemaPuntuacions` WHERE `user_id` = $id) +5 ORDER BY `rankingActual`"

Basically I've in SistemaPuntuacions a list of users, with their ranking (rankingActual). I need to show the 5 users above this users ranking and the 5 below.

But there's no "BETWEEN" in doctrine language, so I'm stuck there.

Can I get some help?

Thank you.

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Well, actually there is a BETWEEN in DQL. This code snippet is from the official docs.

$query = $em->createQuery('SELECT u.name FROM CmsUser u WHERE u.id BETWEEN ?1 AND ?2');
$query->setParameter(1, 123);
$query->setParameter(2, 321);
$usernames = $query->getResult();
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Damn, I trusted an answer from StackOverflow, from a search of google that said that there wasnt any BETWEEN in DQL, and that it was from MYSQL. Thank you so much! –  Sergi Castellsagué Millán Feb 6 '13 at 8:13

You can use native SQL like the this:

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM `SistemaPuntuacions` WHERE `rankingActual` BETWEEN (SELECT `rankingActual` FROM `SistemaPuntuacions` WHERE `user_id` = $id) -5 AND (SELECT `rankingActual` FROM `SistemaPuntuacions` WHERE `user_id` = $id) +5 ORDER BY `rankingActual`';
$rows = $this->container->get('database_connection')->query($sql);
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but is this returning data as array of Objects, as Doctrine do? –  Sergi Castellsagué Millán Feb 5 '13 at 11:33

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