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i use Freebsd with zfs mirror(raid1) and one of two device said me goodbye, how i can remove it from raid without lost data?

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You can't remove a device from a pool. You can only replace it. So, your choices are:

  1. Replace the harddrive (hardware) with a new drive, and use the zpool replace command as suggested by @Julian
  2. Don't do anything. You still have all of your data on one half of the mirror. If you're remaining disk fails you'll lose your data though. You can't 'downgrade' a mirror to a single disk pool.

Might be no harm doing a zpool scrub to check the health of the data on the reminaing disk.

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You can use zpool split to remove devices from a mirror. In the case of a two way mirror you end up with two non-mirrored pools - which is, I think, what the original poster wanted. –  hexten Apr 13 '14 at 11:32

It seems what you want is zpool replace. Check the man page of zpool, but I guess you need

zpool replace zroot your-old-device a-new-device

The new device obviously needs to be at least as big as the old one.

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no i have no device to replace, i just need to remove bad device and after that status of raid will be ok not degraded –  KonstantinKuklin Feb 5 '13 at 12:46

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