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I am successfully creating new IIS 6 websites using the CreateNewSite() function, but would like to add an additional two hostname bindings (see below).


  1. Does the CreateNewSite() function support multiple hostname bindings?

  2. If so, what is the syntax? In all the example code I've found out there, I only find copies of the original MS code, with no examples of additional bindings, or even examples of modification functions.

I have already reviewed this blog page...

... and while I saw something that looked like multiple domains, the code format was different, and so I'm not sure how it relates to the VBS I am using.



` Bindings = Array(0)

Set Bindings(0) = providerObj.get("ServerBinding").SpawnInstance_() 
Bindings(0).IP = myIPnumber
Bindings(0).Port = "80" 
Bindings(0).Hostname = WScript.Arguments(0)

' Create the new Web site using the CreateNewSite method of the IIsWebService object. 
Dim strSiteObjPath 
strSiteObjPath = serviceObj.CreateNewSite("RF_" & WScript.Arguments(0), Bindings, "D:\websites\" & WScript.Arguments(0) & "\httpdocs", WScript.Arguments(2))


The WScript.Arguments(2) is a custom IIS service number.

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I just moved over to IIS7 and wow. The world just opened up didn't it. – Mik Mar 24 '13 at 13:44

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