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I have a longlistselector inside a stackpanel, scrollviewer and pivot item.
The problem is no matter how I set the size of margin and borderthickness.
I couldn't get the border color visible.

This is the code I used:

<phone:PivotItem CacheMode="{x:Null}" Header="{Binding LocalizedResources.Settings_Appearance, Mode=OneWay, Source={StaticResource LocalizedStrings}}">
              <TextBlock Text="{Binding LocalizedResources.Settings_Appearance_ContentExp, Mode=OneWay, Source={StaticResource LocalizedStrings}}" FontSize="{StaticResource PhoneFontSizeLarge}" />
              <phone:LongListSelector Name="ContentReaderExample" Height="100" BorderThickness="5" BorderBrush="{StaticResource PhoneAccentBrush}">
                             <TextBlock Text="{Binding Text}" FontSize="{Binding FontSize}" TextWrapping="Wrap"/>
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I had the same issue. I used a border around the LongListSelector and worked fine

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