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I am trying to add custom error message to my file element validator. It is working for all the elements, BUT file. Kindly point out where am I going wrong. I know similar question has been asked before but I want to know what is the problem with this code?

    $file= new Zend_Form_Element_File('albumcover');

    $file->addErrorMessage("Upload 'jpg,jpeg or png' file of less than 1MB in size");

It shows predefined errors not the error message that I have set

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You may want to do this in the controller to check if the element has an error and print a specific error message.

$form = My_Form_File();
if ($form->isValid()) {
} else {
    if ($form->getElement('albumcover')->hasErrors()) {
        $form->getElement('albumcover')->addError("Upload 'jpg,jpeg or png' file of less than 1MB in size");

Though I would recommend letting the user know in the description with

$file->setDescription("Upload 'jpg,jpeg or png' file of less than 1MB in size"); 
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But this also displays the default error along with the custom one –  Aashish Feb 6 '13 at 5:13

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