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I am trying to update an object using telerik openaccess orm and automapper, it works for adding the object to scope but not update.

I saw on their site someone having same issue, but the answer didn't really help me. here is my code which doesn't update my object :

                if (!scope.Transaction.IsActive)

                ObjQ objq = get_Q(scope, Id);
                bool isNew = false;

                if (objq == null)
                    objq = new ObjQ();
                    isNew = true;

                AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<ObjQ , ObjQ >();

                objq = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<ObjQ , ObjQ>(srcQ);

                if (isNew)


                success = true;

after this line I can see my properties reflecting the new changes but it is not the same in database

objq = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<ObjQ , ObjQ>(srcQ);
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for anyone else who wants to do the same thing, managed to do it this way:

AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<ObjQ , ObjQ >(srcQ, objq);
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Well, I have to say that in my case, I came to find that Telerik Data Access doesn't like AutoMapper (or ValuInjecter for that matter). This code does not work: OBJ.Manutencao dbManutencao = this.mManutencaoRepository.Get(manutencao.ManutencaoID); { Mapper.Reset(); Mapper.CreateMap<Manutencao, Manutencao>(); Mapper.Map<Manutencao, Manutencao>(manutencao, dbManutencao); this.mUnitOfWork.SaveChanges(); return true; Some properties do not get correctly mapped. – Stargazer Mar 8 '14 at 13:13

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