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We are playing with a multi tenant architecture not baed on partitions but rather havings tons of databases. We decided to run some tests

Generated 5 000 database schemas, each contains ~ 100 DB objects. 250k tables & 250k other DB objects (keys, indexes) at all.

Found cons:

  1. Tried to open list of tables from SQL MGMT Studio – it took ~ 10-15 min. MGMT Studio allocated ~ 700 Mb of RAM
  2. DB Utilities don’t work – tried Red Gate, DB Forge, Adept SQL Diff

Any advice when managing and running SQL Server like this?

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Try to use sqlcmd utility running from command prompt.

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You could try writing your own management tool, targeted specifically at what you need using SMO:

Creating SMO Programs - MSDN

That way you could simplify the program and load only what is required and potentially increasing performance.

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