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I am using following script to increase for size by 1 pixel script works fine when I bind it with p element but it increases font size two or three times if I use it with nested div and bind script to div element

example on fiddle

Sample script

<script type='text/javascript'>
//Here we're using jQuery 1.4.2
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
  //This is our jQuery code
  //Code to increase our text by 2px
  $('#increaseText').click(function() {
    //Increate the font size by 2px
    $('p').css('font-size', parseInt($('p').css('font-size'))+1);
    $('div').css('font-size', parseInt($('div').css('font-size'))+1);
  //Code to decrease our text by 2px
  $('#decreaseText').click(function() {
    //Decrease the font size by 2px
    $('p').css('font-size', parseInt($('p').css('font-size'))-1);
    $('div').css('font-size', parseInt($('div').css('font-size'))-1);

I tried to make this script with element ID then it wont work at all, I would appreciate if this can be fixed. I am not sure or what cases nested div to increase font 2 or 3 times

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$('p').css('font-size') returns with 'px' attached to it – asifsid88 Feb 5 '13 at 12:10
@asifsid88 as long as parseInt() is there, it doesn't matter if it ends with 'px'. – Graham Walters Feb 5 '13 at 12:15
Consider rewording the title. "[...] randomly for some reason" sounds too good to be true. – Henrik Feb 5 '13 at 12:19

When are are setting the font-size on your elements, you aren't adding any units. Try fixing up your code to include the units of the font size:

$('p').css('font-size', (parseInt($('p').css('font-size'))-1) + 'px');
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Try this: Live Demo

$('p').css('font-size', '+=1');


This won't work in jQuery 1.4.2.

For 1.4.2, use

ss = parseInt($('p').css('font-size')) + 1 + "px";
$('p').css('font-size', ss);
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