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this is my routes:

PUT    /welcome/:id(.:format)      welcome#update

I want remove the :id from the route definition.

in other words, I want to use the update function without sending an id.

so in my routes.rb, I tried to define:

resources :welcome
match '/welcome/:id' => 'welcome#update', :via => :put

then I ran rake routes, but nothing has happened.

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Do you really want to use a put request? I think you should use the a custom action to handle this. But in case you want to override the default routing, you can do it this way

match 'welcome/' => 'welcome#update', :via => 'put'
resources :welcome, :except => [:update]
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use put '/welcome' => 'welcome#update'before resources :welcome so it takes precedence

UPDATE: formatting

put '/welcome' => 'welcome#update'
resources :welcome
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I wrote: put '/welcome' => 'welcome#update' resources :welcome but it doesn't work.. – Alon Shmiel Feb 5 '13 at 12:19
updated my answer with better formatting. be reminded that when you try to send to /welcome/anything_here, it will not match the first route – jvnill Feb 5 '13 at 12:25

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